About Us

Our Story

Africa has always lived on its feet, ever since man took his first strides in the Great Rift Valley. We have since then become world renowned as a people who often walk thousands of miles armed with only a trusty pair of sandals.

Walking is a way of life in Africa; which was our guiding vision, when we took the first steps to create Umoja Rubber in the late 1970’s; Our goal was to keep the continent walking tall by providing affordable footwear for millions of feet across Africa.

The key to our success has been focused entirely on our mission “To provide the people of Africa with affordable, durable and trendy footwear that are easily available at local outlets.”

Our 5 core values are a major driving force for the business;Through Trust, Efficiency, Teamwork, Commitment and Growth. We have managed to build a brand that stands for strength,comfort,value and reliability to its employees and customers. A brand that stands true to its name, Umoja.

We currently have more than a 100 designs in our collection. Ranging from our popular plain canvas shoes to floral designs to bright attractive children’s sandals. Umoja has become a household name across the continent in several countries. Our brands are available in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Egypt.

When we started out, we had only 17 employees and 1 warehouse. Today,we employ over 2,200 dedicated, well trained staff across 24 warehouses, operating state of the art technology, capable of producing 250,000 pairs of footwear per day. Umoja rubber has grown into one of Kilifi County’s lifeblood industries and a solid pillar of the East African economy.

Our journey started with us making rubber slippers, followed by EVA slippers, and then by Vulcanized rubber shoes which we discontinued and moved into a new technology: direct injected PVC shoes. We also make standard safety shoes and have recently ventured into making polymer compounds for cable industries and other footwear manufacturers. We are also proud to be the local manufacturing partner for Enda, Kenya’s very first running shoe, made in close conjunction with our world renowned athletes.

We believe the future is not something we walk into, it is something we create. Mindful of this, we strongly believe in corporate social responsibility – to ourselves, our stakeholders and the public. We are constantly working on creating a great working environment for our diverse team. We have been awarded by NEMA, our national environmental protection agency, for having excellent practices in waste management and environmental care. We always aim to keep our manufacturing technology at par with world class practices, using the most efficient and green technology where possible.

As we continue to grow bigger and better in the years to come, our dedication to keep Africa walking tall grows stronger than ever; through research and innovation, our footwear designs will always live up to the expectations of “The Feet That Walk Africa”